We will keep you up to date on research in 6 minutes per week!
HandyEvidence provides the following services:

  • Review and assessment of three clinically relevant scientific articles on Hand Therapy every week, plus a full database of over 150 previous synopses searchable by topic and level of evidence.
  • The website also provides a feed of new research articles (Feed on Articles). As soon as new research is published, this is provided to Hand Therapists in one page rather than having to look for updates across several different Journals (e.g. Journal of Hand Therapy, Journal of Hand Surgery)
  • Every week we send out an email with the links to the new synopses
  • Overall, the website saves clinicians an estimate of 3 months of work per year (9 hrs/week for searching, assessing, and critiquing scientific papers).

Special offer for the South African Hand Therapists is 75.9 ZAR (7.4 NZD) per month.
This special offer will expire in mid July 2021.
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Assistive Devices by Ability Assist

Ability Assist stocks a range of assistive devices to help people that suffer from arthritis, poor mobility, and various other difficulties regain their independence by accomplishing daily tasks more easily and with increased confidence.

We offer structured discounts to therapists who would like to stock our products, as well as running an online store with country-wide shipping options should you just want to recommend products to your patients.

We are constantly improving our range, and all items that we list we keep stock of so that immediate delivery is available instead of having to wait for the devices to be imported.

Please contact us if you would like us to send you a digital or printed catalogue of our products:

Tel: 011 894 5667


Quiz on hand therapy

Corrianne van Velze compiled a CD Rom on hand therapy which takes the form of a tutor programme. The CD Rom contains hundreds of photographs which could be useful to you in your practice, especially if you want to illustrate something to your patients. It is also a useful source of reference, especially if you encounter a condition you do not see frequently.

This is a new concept: hundreds of photographs which illustrate a large variety of common upper limb conditions, presented in a quiz format.


Students and therapists are invited to work through the CD to enhance their basic knowledge of hand therapy. All questions are illustrated with clear photographs, diagrams, videos and animations and provide detailed answers. This means that students not only test their knowledge, but also receive additional information to enhance their understanding and practice of hand therapy. The many photographs can be used to illustrate certain conditions which makes it a handy tool to use with patients. CPD accreditation has been applied for. This means that, in future, therapists may answer certain questions on-line and thereby augment their CPD points for a given year. HPCSA registration number should be included on the order form.


The quiz has been compiled by Corrianne van Velze (B OT; B OT (HONS); MSc OT) of the department of occupational therapy at the University of Pretoria, who has over 25 years experience in the treatment of patients with upper limb conditions and injuries. Corrianne is a past president of the International Federation of Societies for Hand Therapy (IFSHT) and is the owner of a busy hand therapy practice in Pretoria, South Africa.

System Requirements

Pentium II or higher with CD Rom drive; 64 MB Ram; 150 MB free disc space; sound card and speakers; Operating system: Windows '95 or higher.


R350.00 + postage and packaging costs.


Please contact Ilana Small on (012) 420 4245 or to purchase the CD Rom, or go to

For more information, you may contact Corrianne at tel 012 346 2700 or email her at: